Newsflash: Community Based Mangrove Restoration in Palk Bay
India/Movie by OMCAR: This documentary describes how OMCAR Foundation organized local community in mangrove restoration. We technically trained villagers in seed collection, segregation, bag preparation and planting seeds in nursery. All these technical field work are carried out in northern Palk Bay coastal villages by the fisher community which are trained and work for the project. Then the nursery raised seedlings are carried to the plantation sites by boats.

The sites are selected based traditional (community) and scientific knowledge (OMCAR Foundation). Then the selected sites are carefully modified for natural flow water by clearing blockage in canals and to make sure natural seed dispersal. The seedlings from the nursery are brought to the sight every year in pre monsoon time. The fisher women self help groups are organized in which OMCAR explain the community participation and sustainable utilization of mangrove resources. Then, the fisher women groups plant the mangrove seedlings in the selected sites. So, this programme not only plant mangroves but also shares this responsibility and commitment with local community by involving them in every aspect.

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